How to take a ScreenShot

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How to take a ScreenShot Empty How to take a ScreenShot

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:04 pm

Step 1.
Download Screenhunter:
This is a program that is very easy to use and works very well.

Step 2.
Take a screenshot
Once you have downloaded Screenhunter, open it. Make sure that what you want to take a picture of is on the screen.
Where it says: Capture What, select Rectangular Area.
Now click Capture Now, and draw the rectangular area that you wish to take a picture of.
The picture will be sent to your desktop.

Step 3.
Set up a photobucket account.
Go to It is a free site that you can upload your picture to. Click upload and select the picture you took. Wait for the upload to be completed. Once the upload is completed Click 'View Album'. There you will see your screenshot.

Step 4.
Put your screenshot into your post.
Hover over your screenshot in your photobucket account. Click the 'Direct Link', this copies the image URL. Next, come to your post on the forum and click the button that looks like this: How to take a ScreenShot ScreenHunter_02Dec111555
Copy the 'Direct Link' into the box and hit Enter. You should see something like this : [ img ] 'Direct Link' [ img ]

Step 5.
Write what you have to say and hit send. Once you look at the post again, your screenshot will be there.

Hope this helps Smile


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