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In faction tournament!! Empty In faction tournament!!

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:19 am

Over in Didactic Warriors we had Evaluate Tournaments. It goes like this... 6 people submit their decks through PM to the host of the tourny. Once the host has all 6 decks he uses the Evaluate Decks program to pitch decks against each other. For example: Tourny entry 1 vs. Tourny Entry 2.... After one round, either Tourny entry 1 or 2 will have a higher winrate. The one with the higher win rate faces another entry that won their round. And so goes the process until you have 1 tourny entry in first place and 1 in second and so on. The winner of the tournament gets a little ribbon next to their avatar on our forum when we have played it. This way we can test each others decks to find which is more effective with the current meta and all that. Since I was the winner of the last tournament I get to host the next one. This tournament, is planned to include 4 decks from Doomsday Squadron(ally of Didactic), 4 from Didactic, and 4 from us, Alpha Pack. You can send me a screenshot of your deck or just a description through this forum or Kong. I haven't set a date, but if I don't get enough entries within, say, a month, I will start the tourny anyways. The only other important rule is that it has to be your deck! You have to only use the cards you have. I wish you all best of luck!


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